Google for its users always tries to keep improving the search experience by accumulating fresh search features and filtering the search results for enhanced solutions. In 2018 Featured snippet was launched by Google. SEO companies around the globe are competing and focusing to be the first to answer user’s queries? Did you really know about these featured snippets in detail?

The purpose of this article to give you the right guideline why your brand should focus featured snippet to earn profits

What is the Featured Snippet Benefits?

There is a number of articles that appear online that explains about the benefits gained by featured snippets but fails to explain and the question stands then and there why publisher and bloggers work hard to develop them. Below are the benefits of feature snippets:

The rise in Web Traffic:

The most noticeable benefit gained by the featured snippet is an increase in traffic of a website. Almost all the companies and agencies notice that if they have a featured snippet they significantly receive high visits and similarly the number of queries that the users use to find a company page. Here they can quickly locate the page and the query that generates it. Konnectogrow will provide you the best digital marketing services in Pune and Noida, we also provide web development services, you can grab the services to increase your business.

Do you really want to grow your business?

This is just not a thought. In this digital era, if your business is not available online then you are not even in the competition. You can drag more traffic to your business from your competitors with the help of some smart techniques. We can suggest the best strategy for your business. We have an excellent digital marketing expert team. They can create your online presence also they can increase your business area as much as you wanted to. After all, we grow with your growth!

The rise in Brand Awareness

Appearing in the organic search results brings many benefits and if your website is chosen by Google to feature in their spotlight through the featured snippets. By this, the companies will not only benefit from a heavy increase in traffic but also largely increases brand awareness.

One more tip that a company must keep in mind about the users that they can never be convinced than ever before while doing their research and inspect the website or the source. So the content should be well written if one expects an increase in click rates.

The rise in Conversion

An increase in organic conversion presents how fruitful it is to get a featured snippet. To attract would-be customers to your website answer simple questions that increase conversions.

The rise in Keyword Ranking

There is always a connection of improvement that is seen in an area tied to the other. So not directly but if there is an increase in website authority due to featured snippet an active improvement can also be seen in keyword ranking.

To catch the business online maintain a well-optimized site find the need of the customer and convert.

How to get featured snippets?

To get featured snippet a company should be found in the organic search results as these benefits to get in the eye of Google. Once the website is chosen by Google to feature by featured snippet heavy increase in traffic is seen.

This also brings big opportunities as:

  • Ranking on the top and land a featured snippet a company with surely get 28% of clicks
  • Not ranking on the top but then also manage to land a featured snippet a company can increase organic traffic exponentially

What is Featured Snippet SEO Impact on Online Marketing?

An increase in the utter amount of Search Engine Result Page is the simple reason for the upswing in the importance of featured snippets for online marketing. For a specific query, they rule the result page and display great offer visibility that a would-be customer is in search of action and thus interested in.

Does Google Repeat Featured Snippet?

Is your Google featured snippets not shown? Previous it was very common to see a featured snippet twice on page one but now no longer any cases now, as Google Feature Snippets changes as per the impact on an organic result. Now a web page gets only one chance to appear on the first page.

Key Takeaways

This is a topic about which online companies need to think. So here I present a few dot points that you need to know:

  • Keyword research and question type query for search should be aimed: For successful content keyword research is a necessary tool, especially for a featured snippet. Answer the queries of the customers and the targeted audience.
  • Keep a look at the results in “People also ask” box: Checking the “People also ask” section will be extremely helpful. Generally, this section is seen under the featured snippet.

Strategies to improve your on-page SEO

  • Analyze the SEO issues and fix them
  • Your website should be easy to navigate and crawl
  • Exercise quality external sources and internal linking
  • Your website should be fast and mobile-friendly
  • Images optimization is must
  • URL should be user friendly
  • Pages must be readable and user-friendly
  • In this, you should start by answering the question and then give the rest supporting content.


To gain better traffic featured snippets gives the second chance. To improve your SEO occupy the first position in Google search result. Konnectogrow will provide you the best digital marketing services in Pune and Noida, we also provide web development services, you can grab the services to increase your business.