Over the 8 years that I am in a technical field, our team has grown and our capabilities have multiplied. During the past two decades, technology has changed immensely but misconceptions about website development still exist. Whether it is 2018, 2008, or 1998, we have found that there are always myths and misconceptions about website development and social media. We want to try to clear up a few misconceptions about website development for you. Let’s discuss Myths About You Need To Stop Believing.

Myth #1: I don’t need a website when I’m already active on social media

Many people think that because they already have a Facebook page or Instagram profile, they don’t need a website.

You can post your schedule, updates, and events there, right?

The problem is that thanks to the algorithm both Facebook and Instagram use, just a few of your followers will actually SEE your posts.

Building your brand on social media is like building your house on someone else’s land. Be active on social media but make your website and your email list your hub. Invest your time and money into marketing channels that you truly own.

Myth #2:  You can save money by building your website yourself

If you think that building your website yourself can help save you a heap of money, think again. Your website will invariably look more professional and have a stronger impact on visitors if it’s built by a good developer. It will also be more likely to give you a great ROI in the long term.

Trust me, the one-off amount you invest in getting your website set up by a professional will ultimately generate more revenue and less heartache than any attempts to build it yourself. Or simply you can get an expert solution for website development provided by Konnectogrow that gives you web development services as well as digital marketing services in Pune and Noida.

Myth #3:  I don’t need to make changes to my website once it’s live

Stagnant water stinks and so does a stagnant website! After your website is live, plan on keeping the content fresh and relevant with consistent blog posts, media, and updates.

Myth #4: Adding more features will bring more views and customers

A lot of people believe that offering more features on a website will bring them more customers. On the contrary, however, you might end up either overwhelming them or confusing them about what it is that you offer.

How could more features be a hindrance, you ask? I’ll tell you:

  • A website’s clarity gets compromised when you add unnecessary features. This, in turn, could cause customers to exit your web page and move onto those of competitors.
  • You could be putting in additional work for redundant features which will actually hurt your bottom line.
  • Keeping it simple is always best. A few features will suffice, provided the customer gets a clear overview of your product, how it works, and how it can help them.

Myth #5: Once I have a website, I’m set

How I wish this would be true. But building a website is more like buying a car, only instead of changing the oil and buying gas you must maintain it, update content, stay up to date with legal requirements, and more.

To keep your website afloat, set aside a few hours each month to go over your content, make changes, and update plugins. Once a year I recommend a more thorough spring check for your website. And every few years look at it with a critical eye and decide if it may be time for a relaunch.

Wrapping up

Building a website requires strategic thinking and in-depth knowledge of industry practices and market trends. To attract visitors and give your business the strongest market share possible, don’t believe any of the above myths. Now is the time to look at the actual facts and realities of website development, and put your best foot forward.

What qualifies as effective website design is constantly evolving, along with web browsers and devices, so take the time and resources necessary to optimize your site and make sure it delivers the best experience possible.

Do any of these myths and misconceptions about website development hit home for you? Maybe you have heard them from your boss, a co-worker, a well-meaning friend, or even your marketing agency? If you have experienced broken promises from your web designer, reach out to us. We would love to talk about what we can do for you and your business. Konnectogrow will provide you the best website development services in Pune as well as digital marketing services in Pune and Noida.