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Do It Yourself


Desire to get your SharePoint up and run rapidly, but just lack of budget stop you to hire me? Now Do It Yourself (DIY) SharePoint consulting will help to build SharePoint site or intranet whereas I will instruct you through screen share meeting.

A flexible outline program is built around your needs. Your understanding with SharePoint will power the specific issues we talk about overall through each screen sharing session. Usual topics include how to:

Manage security and permission

Structure and create sites

Build and manage navigation

Enable external sharing


No minimum contracts

For DIY SharePoint fee is paid in advance, no contracts to sign through some terms and conditions do apply. The required hours can be bought as per your need. The minute you pay your consulting hours, we will get in touch to set date on mutually agreed for the first consulting session. Consulting hours are to be paid in hourly add-on, with at least of the full hour is charged for any consulting meeting.

Meetings in 1-hour blocks

At every 1 –hour live session of SharePoint you can ask questions. Later you can work at your own stand setting up your SharePoint sites. DIY SharePoint sessions usually take place over a period of more than a few days or weeks, as per your program.

Fast turnaround times

SharePoint opens an easy way to correctly set various SharePoint features. Connecting with SharePoint reduces the sum of time you use figuring the things out hence you can use more time to reach things to be done.

SharePoint consulting confirms support and troubleshooting information. So I suggest considering Do It Yourself SharePoint service to build an intranet and configure SharePoint sites yourself.


  • Who are building their own SharePoint sites or Intranet and need to validate their setup
  • Site Owners who are customizing their department or team sites
  • Anyone who needs troubleshooting advice or a best practices checkup

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