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Training and Certifications

Every organization hire an individual who has cloud skills that can help the business to transform. Konnectogrow training helps to build and certify your cloud skill so you gain more opportunities to shape your future. We offer classroom training and digital training both, so you have a chance to learn online from your own pace or can join to our instructor for best practice.  Whether you are a beginner or existing in an IT company but interested to learn more about the latest trend technology just join us.

We offer a highly effective team training course that helps a team to equip with skills that benefit the business and also raise the customer service level. Our training procedure not only to train an individual but also to improve teamwork, enhance the workplace respect and develop the approaching way your team communicates with coworkers and customers. So, organizations decide on us to train their team for best organization system.

SharePoint Development and Office 365 Training Course

SharePoint development and Office 365 online training will teach from the learners to progressive levels. The training will make you expert in SharePoint and office 365. It’s an online course that gives real-time examples with full real-world experience, one can learn from anywhere at any time as per their comfort. Join us to learn to be an expert in SharePoint and office 365 course.

Affordable Group Training

Success is not a one-day achievement. If you wish for a better life you need an education that works. We have affordable group training that implements programs that have support, flexibility and personal structured.  The group training classes are small and are taught by experienced instructors who supports and helps that you need during the training.  The set of course for each designed by the best industry leader. So you are learning continually changing technology.

Everyone has individual goals and needs as education does not come in the only size that fits in all platforms. We all know that hard work never ends though you are graduate you need elective courses and focus areas. So choose an education for your path of success that works.

Live Demonstration

Live demonstration benefits to understand in an easy way when you are studying in a group and this is the best and useful tool for the instructors also. This not only saves time but also provides a better understanding of techniques compared to edifying teaching. Live demonstration increases confidence and communication skills in the students. Konnectogrow provides live demonstration training to groups and individuals also as what the value of achievement means for through training.

Advantage of Live Demo Skills Training Program

Live demo training can bring great results but perform well can be a bit challenging. In this fast-paced communicating demo training the trainees will learn to create and deliver an attractive demonstration every time.

After the completion of the training the students will be familiar with:

  • Make their live demo in a much more interesting way
  • Can deliver a demo that can be heart winning of customers
  • Make maximum effective demo structures
  • Can avoid common issues

Improves Team Collaboration

For a company, successful collaboration is found as the key factor. In any method, teamwork improves speed and quality that helps to heighten productivity even more. Many tools have been developed to standardize your collaboration performance, the whole from file sharing to instant messaging.

Generally to make decisions and work together team collaboration is planned. The team may work depending on the practice on the company, project or industry, but then again nevertheless of the tool, the collaboration will make stronger the process.

Today team collaboration became a digital revolution. The internet has increased chances to share knowledge and provide work opportunity anywhere and anytime and this is said as a digital workplace.  The digital workplace breaks the barriers of communication and upsurges the experience of innovation and in growth in the employee.

Team collaboration can be implemented in any nature of business like customer service, non-profit as a charity, corporate, government and education. Team collaboration benefits to all level of employees from CEOs to entry-level individuals.

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