Digital marketing is booming at an unpredictable speed. Every brand is trying their best to do a campaign about their product. The very first and one of the best strategies of digital marketing that comes to mind is email marketing. You must have noticed mail coming in your email box mentioning the product of the company or probably a discount offer has been mentioned for marketing. Let’s see the email and mobile campaigns which every brand needs

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing parts to connect with your customer. I know there are social media also that helps brands to connect with the customer but the difference is that email marketing targets potential customers and the chances to get your product purchased by your customer is high, the connected customer on social media has fewer chances of getting your product to be purchased as compared to email marketing. For email marketing, brands need to generate leads which means getting the details of your potential customer.

Email marketing campaigns are emails that a brand uses to communicate with potential customers. This article focuses on email and mobile campaigns every brand needs, have a look!!!

1.Welcome Emails

This basically helps your customers to understand your brand. Short details about the brand with welcoming messages are to be sent. Welcoming email shows the interest of customers regarding your brand. Trying to sell a product in a welcome email leaves a bad impression and might your customer unsubscribe. So, you have to only illustrate your service and overall, what your brand is about in an understandable and easy way. The first impression is the last impression, so, better to analyze before sending a welcome message.

Welcome Message
Welcome Message

2.Creating awareness

Email marketing is also used to create awareness of your brand. So that your brand gets a better impression. Email marketing is more than selling products only because there is not everyone who always purchases your products. So, better to utilize the potential of email. You can inform them about the service or public relations message. Building awareness helps your customer to recognize your brand.

3.Email newsletters

Email newsletters are used to educate your customers and prospect about your brand by including your vision, projects, target, and goals. So, for that, you need to identify your goal.

4.Lead generation

The cold email to random customers helps you to get your lead for the potential customer. It can be identified as how many people clicked on your mail and how many are interested. The interested people are potential customers of your brand.


5.Sponsorship emails

This strategy comes in the paid strategy includes pay-per-click models where you can sponsor the product or service on the mails. If you follow the PPC model, you get profit from every click.

6.Telling your story

As per my experience, I can say that people are more attached to the emotion that tells the story. So, telling the story to your customer will increase the engagement rate and customers will attach to your story and try to understand your brand.

7.Revenue Generation

You can promote the product of others that helps you to generate revenue. Similarly, as a sponsorship email, you can also promote your product as well along with others products.

8.Transnational emails

These are auto-generated and send email in the end after connecting with the customer. Such as a brand selling a product and you get a thank you email or the order details about your products and shipping details. This type of email is also generated by a one-time link providing to join your webinar.

9.Dedicated Email

These emails contain information about the offer or discount you are providing to your customers. It is easy to build and used as a call-to-action to invite for particular events.

email offer
email offer

10.Re-Engagement Email

There are very high chances to get your email ignored by many. So, this re-engagement email is sent to inactive customers to ask for feedback by asking them what they want or expect from your brands or the discount offer they want.

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