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SharePoint Workflow


Are your employees making mistakes that are costing you money. We can set up automated business processes customized to the way you operate your business.

SharePoint Workflow allows perfect and systematized business processes.  It’s a mini-application that takes guesswork, effort, and chance out of your standard work process. The design of SharePoint Workflow saves your time, bring constancy and competence to the routine task.

Save Time and Reduce Headaches

A manual procedure like getting plans and collecting signature can drag for days and weeks if they are not monitored. And if the theses simple tasks don’t get done in time then productivity suffers.

Using SharePoint Workflow checking, tracking and reminding are completed automatically.  Workflow can track and manage human tasks with processes like cutting down on time, manual labor and frustration, project approval or document review. Below are some common tasks that one could automate with SharePoint Workflow:

  • Assigning tasks and different work types
  • A reminder of due date or escalation for time-sensitive tasks or processes
  • Reminders for projects phases that have little visibility and tracking
  • Vacation scheduling or requesting time off

Depending on the difficulty of your business process, one can use a built-in SharePoint workflow template or generate from the ground up your own.

Built-In Accountability

SharePoint contains five types of pre-programmed workflow that address common business situations. Approval workflow path an item or document to more than one people for approval. This lets you give review tasks, track their growth and send notifications and reminders.

Transferring manually documents from person to person can confuse and consume extra time. The workflow robotically routes a Microsoft Office document or form created in Excel, Word or InfoPath to more than one people to bring together their digital signs. To track a high volume of issues as sales leads, project tasks or customer support issues, SharePoint workflow is used for business processes.

Custom SharePoint Workflows

Templates of SharePoint are perfect for simple situations, but they can’t put up important customizations. On the other hand, Custom workflows can create mini-programs within SharePoint and fit them to your business process needs. Custom workflow gives endless possibilities, but then if you are looking for great ROI of time and money from process robotics then start with these workflows:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Review of sales lead pipeline
  • Compliance support
  • Planning, meeting and management
  • Policy review and approval
  • Help desk ticket management

SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer, a flexible HTML editor for editing and creating SharePoint workflows, web pages and sites. Without writing a single line of code it lets to build custom workflows. By using the SharePoint Designer one can define the custom rules that subordinates actions and conditions with things in your SharePoint Libraries or lists.

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