With the increment in numbers of customers marketing strategies has evolved through ages to increase the number of sales. The sellers have developed several processes and today they have taken the help of social media as a marketing medium.

Though over the past few decades, like any other major strategies regarding marketing social media marketing strategies have also accumulated some myths. These points of view need to be discussed and dismissed and they will eventually help in the outcome of great results.

A large number of myths have been disproven and despite the existence of these data, some of the marketers still believe these facts as it becomes hard for them to keep up to date on a regular basis and they still wonder what is really going on with the social platforms.

It is true that social platforms based on changes on a regular basis. But the marketers do need to investigate and observe certain facts that will eventually help them to grow certain strategies regarding social media marketing and thereby identifying the myths within the reality.


Let’s check out some of the myths that still exist and need obvious clarifications to dismiss.

1. Customers aren’t on social media:

Some marketers still think that it is hard to receive suitable customers for their products on social media. In this very twenty-first century, this has not even a tiny chance to be true. Several surveys have shown that approximately 3.7 billion people across the globe are regularly active on social media platforms.

They connect with each other, even with their family and friends through Instagram, Facebook, and a lot of other social platforms. One can surely find interested audiences who will surely prefer to align with your very brand.

Social Media Statistics

2.Joining each and every social media platform:

There’s still the thought roaming around the marketers that as they know a lot of the platforms, they need to join each of them. Firstly, to clear this thought it needed to be mentioned that, apart from registering on social platforms, one needs to go through thorough investigations. A proper setup has to be made before involving in marketing. Select a platform where there is the possibility to gain a maximum number of customers for the kind of product. Then create a page or a company profile and deal with them.

3. Increasing fans and followers that will become customers:

The quality of your product is much important to gain the interest of the mass. As you successfully maintain the reach of the platform you are attached to, you get the chance to reach the followers of your followers as well. This results in the massive advertisement of your product thereby receiving interest from a lot of people.

Your family and friends can be your special customers and you can approach them to like and circulate your pages which will surely bear effective results.


A lot of the other myths too regarding social media marketing needs to be dismissed as in this very modern age the social platforms have become the most reliable and easy mean to reach one another.

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