Most small business owners today know that they need a website. But what many fail to realize is that their websites need to be more effective.Here is Secret of Web Design.

First, Why Do Small Business Websites Matter?

Small business websites are the bread and butter for budding entrepreneurs… They are the “hub” of all business activity. There is separate blog why small business required website.

Make it look good.

First, you need to make your website look good. A professional-looking website makes a great first impression, encourages users to stay on your website longer and presents your business as an industry leader. In fact, according to Adobe, 38 percent of people in one study said they would stop engaging with a website if the content/layout was unattractive.

Make it easy to contact you.

Many small businesses simply list their address, phone number and email on their website. But, you’ve got to make it easy for your potential customers to contact you. Many would rather not pick up the phone and call you to ask a simple question. In fact, in a survey by BankMyCell, 75 percent of millennial surveyed said they avoided phone calls because they’re time-consuming.

So, make it easy for them by adding a simple contact form to your website. With a contact form on your website, you’ll be able to generate more leads for your business by giving your website visitors a convenient way to get in touch. Konnectogrow will provide you the best digital marketing services in Pune and Noida, we also provide web development services and graphic designing services in Pune you can grab the services to increase your business.

Make your small business website design responsive

Did you know 90% of small business websites don’t keep the smaller devices’ screen size in mind when creating websites? And around 30% of all website traffic is mobile.

Before publishing anything on the web, always consider desktop and mobile devices. “Having a site that isn’t mobile-optimized can drive away customers, hurt your SEO and look unprofessional,” notes Small Business Trends writer Ann Pilon.

Of course, because resources are slim, small business website design often fails on this point, which is why it’s so important to choose a website builder that is mobile-responsive right out of the gate and allows you to preview your page on different devices.

To tell if your small business website is responsive, or needs a little work, use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool where you can enter any URL and it will tell you whether your page is mobile-friendly or not. This tool is color-coded: it gives you a green light if your website passes, a yellow light if there is potential for improvement, and a red light if you need a lot of help.

Keep it (so so) simple

Simple design and text are essential to an effective small business website design. An overly complicated website doesn’t convert. Too many page elements lead to website visitor confusion.

So, long story short, uncluttered visuals and text have the most significant impact on your audience. And, while we’re on the subject of simplicity, keeping your color scheme minimal is key, too. Two to three colors are all you need to make an impact.

Add social sharing icons

Social sharing buttons are key for a small business website. Why? Social channels give potential customers added information about your small business, including customer reviews, location, pictures, and more. Social Media Today says, “Do add your social buttons and link to your business blog to grow your brand awareness and generate fresh content on your site.”

Blogs and social content give small business owners the opportunity to produce fresh content on their website. Unlike stagnant home and top-level pages that typically stay the same content for months or years at a time, blogs and social feeds freshen up a page.

Have a 404 page:

Have you ever tried to go to a website you get a weird message that reads 404 in big block letters? Whether you recognize it or not, 404 pages can easily become one of the most frequently visited places on your site. A 404 page appears in a few cases. Either someone types in the wrong URL, a web page moved locations, or your server goes down for a bit.

But most small businesses settle for a run-of-the-mill ‘oops’ page when it could really delight visitors and offer a lead-capture opportunity. Here’s how some companies are using 404 pages on their small business website:

  • Infuse personality
  • Include a lead form
  • Add helpful resource links
  • Offer a discount

But before you go off and start this endeavor, realize that the steps involved in how to make an effective website take time and energy. A successful small business website takes intentional and intelligent planning, design, development, and optimizing. If you feel that you can’t dedicate the time to these areas,  the our team is here to help you out. Konnectogrow will provide you the best digital marketing services in Pune and Noida, we also provide web development services and graphic designing services in Pune you can grab the services to increase your business.