Google delivered that their WordPress plugin for web tales is out of beta and available on the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin makes it smooth for WordPress publishers to create content cloth in the Google internet reminiscences format, allowing publishers to attract greater site visitors. It’s a long way now available as a full WordPress plugin.  In other words, WordPress is ready to set new goals and most importantly this will bring out the user-friendly website experience to you all.

Google formally published the Web Stories WordPress Plugin. Without trouble create web recollections and get more website online site visitors.

Web stories are a way to apply existing content material to create a short form of content material that can be “snacked” on rapid. Konnectogrow provides the best web development services in Pune and Noida. You can get this WordPress web development company in Pune, we have the best Joomla developer, Drupal developer, OpenCart developer experts, digital marketing services in Pune for your full-time service.

For example, you have surely posted stories on social media. Similarly, you can put stories to your website with the help of this WordPress plugin.

Google shows Web Stories WordPress Plugin  as a result of Content in this following locations:

Web Stories WordPress Plugin Simplifies the layout. There are many fussy necessities for a way, content material cloth wants to be formatted for net testimonies. As an example, movies must be orientated in a vertical and not horizontal format. So, the new plugin abilities a drag and drop interface and templates to make it smooth to create net reminiscences. We are here to provide you the best web development services and the best digital marketing services in Pune and Noida.


Consistent with Google:

“…we’ve collaborated with Unsplash to make their good-sized remarkable photograph the library only a click away, as well as Coverr, imparting you with great, loose inventory video proper from the editor. We’ll upload more templates, stock media integrations, and capabilities inside the near future.” Well Done!


Those are the functions of the WordPress plugin for net memories:

“…make the manufacturing of tales as smooth as feasible from a technical attitude. Supports analytics and bookend abilities for viral sharing and monetization. Web recollections allow monetization capability for publishers the usage of associate hyperlinks.”


This WordPress Plugin requirement

Web Stories WordPress Plugin requires a minimum WordPress version of 5.3.1. The ones are modest necessities that should be in the gain of the extensive majority of lively WordPress publishers.


WordPress is now ready to set the new goals in this digital era to compete with all the social media platform by increasing the feature like all the others. This time WordPress will run all over the web world. similarly, in the same vein WordPress is working on some new plugins to launch we will update you about that with ongoing time. In short, very soon the WordPress will be the next king to the website handling platforms.