When you looked at a stunning graphic design and just thought, “Wow. I wish I could do that.”  We will explain to you the Graphics Design Mistakes Secret.

The great news is that you can! You just need to avoid these common graphic design mistakes so that you, too, can create stunning graphics, even if you’re not a designer. Here we have suggested some tips to recover the graphics design mistakes secret and creating perfect unique graphics that you can try while creating new graphics meanwhile, you can check our best graphic designing services that we have provided to our clients.

Let’s start it.

1. Using Words Instead of Visuals

One of the worst way to  turn your audience off is to include too much text in a piece of communication where you can include the images.

This is especially true in the case of info-graphic and presentation design.

2. Outdated effects

Effects in Microsoft Word like dramatic drop shadows and bevel and emboss were very popular in the 90’s. Today they look amateurish and outdated.


3. Poor Readability

Another common mistake is to attempt to fit too many words into one line of text. For readability purposes, 50 to 60 characters per line is the ideal length.

4. Poor font choice

There are several of fonts that are universally hated by most design professionals, and they shouldn’t be used in your designs. Learn them all here.

5.Bad color combinations

One of the single most important design decisions you will make in the creation of your project is your choice of color combinations. Many times, a project with good communicative potential can go awry if the right colors are not chosen. For inspiration, you can consult this tool.

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6. Filling white spaces unnecessarily

Try not to fill your design with unnecessary elements. It’s okay if there’s a white space in your design. Actually, it’s often a very good thing and mastering ‘space’ in your work is a key design skill. Thinking about space as a super useful design element that can be 2d, 3d, negative or positive, that will help your design look much lighter, simpler and attractive.

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