In today’s world of technology, you must have a thriving business application for the growing business. Smartphones are the most commonly used devices, both for personal and professional use. The two main platforms that run the smartphone is Android and iOS. Often, the business owner faces a dilemma when choosing a platform for enterprise application development. One needs to consider Android, iOS and their advantages.

Here are some reasons for having an iOS platform For Your Business.

  1. A New Audience

Do you know the number of iPhone users globally?

Statista reports that over 1 billion iPhones have been sold since the inception of the innovative operating system in 2007



That is not all!

United States, Europe, Japan, and China counts for the highest number of iPhone users.

India and Vietnam are rapidly growing as well.

2. Get direct customers for your business

Most of the users are nowadays busy with their iOS device whether it’s through  games or searching the services.

Having direct and personal interaction with users, positions you in a point of their trust and interests.

This means that not only will you need to meet their requirements or solve problems.

This kind of approach will provide increased visibility and brand recognition to your business which is beneficial.

Increasing the overall visibility in the market and increase in goodwill of your brand.

If you have your own business app then the user can simply access of your brand without opening a browser.

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3. Increased Business Sales & Revenue

As per statistics, 45% of Americans used iOS which contributes near about 61% of digital traffics .

And out of this digital traffic, 90% is consumed by iOS Apps and rest 10% is consumed by mobile websites.

This shows that the iOS app is more convenient than visiting the website which helps customers in making speedy buying decisions. This will increase the sales and revenue for our business services as well as it will reduce the marketing costing for our business. Ultimately if you have an iOS mobile app for your business then it will give the best insight into sales and revenue.


Datafor IOS

Growing the business and establishing the roots in foreign countries is the ultimate dream of every company.

Due to the popularity of iPhones in these countries, the company stands a good chance to take a firm stand in their market.

5. Performance & Quality Service

As compared to another mobile device, the iOS app will give some kind of better user experience for showing the content as well as performance-wise it will give immense service quality for end-users/customers. Apart from this iOS itself has the brand value on the market so if your business has gain some kind of popularity on the iOS App store then it will automatically increase the sales for your business.


While developing an app for the business, a company has to choose a platform with other exciting features that also provide the utmost level of security to its users. iPhone users always stay safe from external threats. iOS provides a strong shield for viruses and malware, making it a perfect choice for app development of a business.

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